Add and Manage Roles

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Roles are a group of permissions you can assign to a Harness User Group. These permissions determine what operations a User Group can perform on a specific Harness Resource.

This topic will explain the steps to create and manage Roles within Harness.

In this topic:

Before You Begin

The Account Admin Role has permissions for all the resources within the Account scope as well as its child scope (Organizations and Projects within this Account).

Step: Add a New Role

This topic assumes you have a Harness Project set up. If not, see Create Organizations and Projects.

You can add a Role in Project/Organization/Account scope. To do this, go to Project SETUP, Organization, or Account Settings. This topic explains how to create a role in the Account scope.

Click Account Settings, and click Access Control.

Click New Role under Roles. The New Role settings appear.

Select your Project/Org/Account, and click Access Control.

Click Roles.

Click New Role. The New Role settings appear.

Enter a Name for your Role.

Enter optional Description and Tags for your Role.

Click Save.

Step: Delete Role

Click the Roles tab under Access Control.

Click Delete in the top right corner to delete a specific role.

Step: Manage Role

Click the Roles tab under Access Control.

Click on the role you want to edit. The Update Role Permissions page appears.

Add/Remove Resource-specific permissions from this page. Click Apply Changes.

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