Delete a Delegate

Updated 2 weeks ago by Michael Cretzman

This topic describes how to delete a Harness Delegate from a Kubernetes cluster and Harness.

Before You Begin

Step 1: Delete the StatefulSet for the Delegate

A Kubernetes Delegate is installed in a cluster as a StatefulSet.

To delete the Harness Delegate from your Kubernetes cluster, you delete the StatefulSet for the Delegate.

Once created, the StatefulSet ensures that the desired number of pods are running and available at all times. Deleting the pod without deleting the StatefulSet will result in the pod being recreated.

For example, if you have the Delegate pod name quickstart-vutpmk-0, you can delete the StatefulSet with the following command:

$ kubectl delete statefulset -n harness-delegate-ng quickstart-vutpmk

Note that the -0 suffix in the pod name is removed for the StatefulSet name.

Step 2: Delete the Delegate in Harness

Simply locate the Delegate in the Harness account/Project/Org, click more options (⋮), and click Delete.

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