AWS CodeCommit Connector Settings Reference

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This topic provides settings and permissions for the AWS CodeCommit Connector.

In this topic:


  • Before Harness syncs with your Git repo, it'll confirm that all Harness' settings are in a valid state. If a connection isn't working, Harness won't sync with your Git repo.


The unique name for this Connector.


See Entity Identifier Reference.


A description of this Connector.


See Tags Reference.

URL Type

You can select Region or Repository.

You can add a connection to your entire region or just a repo in the account. Selecting a Git region enables you to use one Connector for all of your subordinate repositories.

Later when you test this connection, you will use a repo in the account.

In either case, when you use the Connector later in Harness, you will specify which repo to use.

AWS CodeCommit Repository URL

Path of the repository where code commit would take place.

For example,

Access Key

AWS Access Key.

Secret Key

Harness Encrypted Text secret for the credentials of your AWS user account.

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