Searching the Console View

Updated 3 months ago by Michael Cretzman

Pipeline executions can be viewed in Console View and you can quickly search the logs for each step.

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Before You Begin

Before you can search execution logs, you need to run a Pipeline. See Quickstarts to set up and run a Pipeline in minutes.

Step: Search the Execution Step Logs

In the Pipeline execution, click Console View.

In the Console View of an execution, click the step you want to search.

Enter Cmd + f (Mac), Ctrl + f (Windows).

You can also click the search icon.

The search appears.

Type in your search query and the results are highlighted immediately.

Option: Console Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the following shortcuts to search the log (these are Mac example, just substitute Ctrl for Cmd for Windows):

  • Up to go up or go to the next search result.
  • Down to go down or go to the previous search result.
  • Enter to go to the next search result.
  • Esc to cancel search.

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