Nexus Connector Settings Reference

Updated 9 months ago by Michael Cretzman

This topic provides settings and permissions for the Nexus Connector.

In this topic:

Nexus Permissions Required

Ensure the connected user account has the following permissions in the Nexus Server.

  • Repo: All repositories (Read)
  • Nexus UI: Repository Browser

If used as a Docker Repo, the user needs:

  • List images and tags
  • Pull images

See Nexus Managing Security.


The unique name for this Connector.


See Entity Identifier Reference.


Text string.


See Tags Reference.

Nexus URL

The URL that you use to connect to your Nexus server. For example,


The Version field in the dialog lists the supported Nexus versions, 2.x and 3.x.

For Nexus 2.x, Harness supports repository formats Maven, npm, and NuGet. See Sonatype's website at Supported Formats.

For Nexus 3.x, Harness supports repository formats Docker 3.0 and greater, Maven, npm, NuGet.


The username and password for the Nexus account.

The password uses a Harness Encrypted Text secret.

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