Artifactory Connector Settings Reference

Updated 3 months ago by Michael Cretzman

Harness supports both cloud and on-prem versions of Artifactory.

This topic provides settings and permissions for the Artifactory Connector.

In this topic:

Artifactory Permissions

Make sure the following permissions are granted to the user:

  • Privileged User is required to access API, whether Anonymous or a specific username (username and passwords are not mandatory).
  • Read permission to all Repositories.

If used as a Docker Repo, user needs:

  • List images and tags
  • Pull images

See Managing Permissions: JFrog Artifactory User Guide.

Artifactory URL

Enter in your base URL followed by your module name.

For most artifacts, use

In some cases, you can use https://server_name/artifactory/module_name.

The URL really depends on how you have set up Artifactory, and whether it is local, virtual, remote, or behind a proxy.

To ensure you use the correct URL, copy it from your Artifactory settings.

See Repository Management from JFrog.


Username for the Artifactory account user.


Select or create a new Harness Encrypted Text secret.

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