Manage Variations of the Feature Flag

Updated 11 months ago by Archana Singh

When you create a feature flag, some of its variations are designated as default variations. You can accept the default variations or change them. A flag's default variations are the variations that are served when a flag is on or off unless you specify otherwise.

For example, a boolean flag can have false set as its default off variation and true set as its default on variation. A multivariate flag could have variation 1 set as its default off variation and variation 2 set as its default on variation, with variation 3 configured to appear when a user has a certain email address.

  • You can edit the variations of your feature flag even after using the Harness Feature Flag SDKs in your application.
  • Changes to the variations are applied only to newly created environments. Existing environments won’t be affected.

This topic describes how to edit the default variations of your feature flag.

In this topic:

Before You Begin

Step: Edit Variations

Perform the following steps to edit the variations for your feature flag.

  1. Click on the feature flag for which you want to edit the variation.
  2. Click the edit button.
  3. Edit the variations and modify the default rules.
  4. Once you're done, click Save.

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