Projects and Organizations

Updated 2 months ago by Michael Cretzman

Harness Organizations (Orgs) allow you to group projects that share the same goal. For example, all projects for a business unit or division.

Within each Org you can add several Harness Projects.

A Harness Project is a group of Harness modules and their Pipelines. For example, a Project might have a Harness CI Pipeline to build code and push an image and a Harness CD Pipeline to deploy that image to a cloud platform.

Think of projects as a common space for managing teams working on similar technologies. A space where the team can work independently and not need to bother account admins or even org admins when new entities like Connectors, Delegates, or secrets are needed.

Much like account-level roles, project members can be assigned Project Admin, Member, and Viewer roles.

Product Modules

Your project can add Harness products as modules, such as Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery.

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