Harness CI Images List

Updated 2 months ago by Michael Cretzman

The public Harness CI images on DockerHub needed for CI Pipelines are pulled automatically when you run your Harness Pipeline. You can find them at https://hub.docker.com/u/harness.

If you do not want the Harness Delegate to pull images from a public repo for security reasons, you can add a special Harness Connector to your Harness account, and the Delegate will pull these images from the Harness Container Image Registry only.

For steps on setting this up, see Connect to Harness Container Image Registry Using Docker Connector.

To help you obtain the required Harness CI images, they are listed in this topic.

Viewing the CI Images List

You can view the list of images using the following command:

curl -X  GET https://app.harness.io/registry/_catalog

CI Images List

Here is an example of the list of images for Harness CI:

  • harness/ci-addon
  • harness/ci-lite-engine
  • harness/drone-git
  • plugins/cache
  • plugins/kaniko
  • plugins/kaniko-ecr
  • plugins/kaniko-gcr
  • plugins/s3
  • plugins/gcs
  • plugins/cache
The tags for these images change often.

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