Harness FirstGen vs Harness NextGen

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This topic covers Harness two major product suites:

Product Suites

Harness has two versions of its product suite:

  • Harness FirstGen: this is the Harness version that's been around for years, covering all of the common platforms.
  • Harness NextGen: this is Harness' new version with a redesigned experience and new Continuous Integration and Feature Flags products.

Harness NextGen has limited CD integrations currently, but it'll cover all of the same integrations as FirstGen soon.

Mapping FirstGen to NextGen Entities

Here's a diagram that shows how FirstGen entities like Services, Environments, Workflows, and Pipelines are represented in NextGen:

The follow table maps the entities based on how you use them for deployment:



What I'm deploying.



Where I'm deploying it.



How I'm deploying it.



My release process.



Which Should I Choose?

If possible, sign up with Harness NextGen.

Eventually, all Harness FirstGen accounts will migrate to Harness NextGen.

For now, NextGen platform and technology support is limited, but there will be platform and technology parity soon.

Review the following Supported Platforms and Technologies topics to see which version to use today:

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