Supported Platforms and Technologies

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This topic lists Harness support for platforms, methodologies, and related technologies.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

The following table lists Harness support for deployment platforms, artifacts, strategies, and related technologies.

Deployment Type/Platform Artifact Servers and Repos * Infrastructure Strategies Verification Post-Prod Rollback


  • Docker Hub
  • ECR
  • GCR
  • ACR
  • Nexus 3 (Docker Repo)
  • Artifactory (Docker Repo)
  • Custom Repository

Manifest Resources:

  • Kustomize
  • Helm (see Helm support below)
  • OpenShift Template

Static Infrastructure:

  • GKE
  • AKS
  • Other Kubernetes Compliant Clusters
  • EKS
  • OpenShift version 3.11, 4.x
  • Minikube
  • Kubernetes Operations (kops)

Dynamic Infrastructure:

  • GKE using Terraform
  • Rolling
  • Canary
  • Blue/Green

See Note on Kubernetes for more deatils.


  • Previous Analysis - Synthetic Load


  • Canary Analysis - Realtime Load


  • Previous Analysis - Synthetic Load


Helm v3.0

Docker Image Repo:

  • Docker Hub
  • ECR
  • GCR
  • ACR
  • Nexus 3 (Docker Repo)
  • Artifactory (Docker Repo)
  • Custom Repository

Helm Chart Package Repo:

  • Artifactory (as an HTTP Server)
  • Nexus (as an HTTP Server)
  • AWS S3
  • GCS
  • HTTP Server

Helm Source Repo:

  • Github
  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket
  • Code Commit (Not Certified)
  • Google Cloud Source Repository (Not Certified)

Static Infrastructure:

  • GKE
  • AKS
  • Other Kubernetes Compliant Clusters
  • EKS
  • OpenShift v4.x
  • Minikube
  • Kubernetes Operations (kops)

Dynamic Infrastructure:

  • GKE using Terraform

Using Harness Kubernetes:

  • Rolling
  • Canary
  • Blue/Green

Using native Helm Command:

  • Basic along with steady state check

Previous Analysis - Synthetic Load

Not Supported

Deployment Notes

The following notes clarify support of some platform features.


See What Can I Deploy in Kubernetes?.

Kubernetes Version Support

The following versions are tested and supported for Kubernetes Canary, Rolling, and Blue/Green deployments:

  • 1.13.0
  • 1.14.0
  • 1.15.0
  • 1.16.0
  • 1.17.0
  • 1.18.0
  • 1.19.4
  • 1.20.0
  • 1.21.0
  • 1.22.0
  • 1.23.0

Helm chart dependencies are not supported in Git source repositories (Harness Code Repo Connectors). Helm chart dependencies are supported in Helm Chart Repositories.

Artifact Servers, Repos, and Artifacts

Harness uses Metadata only when downloading artifact sources.

For pulling Docker images from Docker repos, Harness has a limit of 10000 for private Docker repos, and 250 for public (no username or password required) Docker repos.

Terraform Version Support

Harness supports the following Terraform versions:

  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
Some Harness features might require specific Terraform versions.

Continuous Integration (CI)

The following table lists Harness support for CI platforms, repos, registries, and related technologies.

Source Code Management (SCM) Artifact Repos Container Registries Build Farm Platforms Testing Frameworks Supported
  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket
  • GitHub
  • Artifactory
  • AWS S3
  • Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
  • Google Container Registry (GCR)
  • Docker registries (e.g. Docker Hub)
  • Other
  • Kubernetes cluster (platform agnostic)
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • AWS Linux and Windows VMs
  • Red Hat OpenShift 4

Currently, Harness supports:

  • Bazel
  • Maven
  • Gradle

More frameworks will be supported soon.

Continuous Verification

Harness supports the following metrics and logging platforms.

Metrics Providers

The following table lists Harness support for metrics platforms (APMs).

Metrics Provider Name Metric Pack Deployment Verification
AppDynamics Business Transactions Yes
AppDynamics JVM and Infra Metrics Supported via Custom Metrics
New Relic Business Transactions Yes
New Relic Insights Supported via Custom Metrics
Google Cloud Operations (GCP) Infrastructure Metrics Yes
Google Cloud Operations (GCP) Custom metrics from explorer No
Prometheus Custom metrics from Prometheus Yes
Dynatrace Performance Yes

Log Providers

Most logging platforms are also supported.

Log Provider Name

Deployment Verification



Google Cloud Operations (GCP)


Service Reliability Management

Harness supports the following Health Sources and Change Sources.

Health Sources

 A Health Source monitors changes in health trends of the Service using metrics and logs collected from an APM and log provider respectively.

Harness offers support for all major APM vendors, but there are cases where a customized APM is needed. The Custom Health Source lets you customize APMs of your choice.

Metrics Providers

Following metrics providers are supported:

  • AppDynamics
  • Google Cloud Operations (GCP)
  • Prometheus
  • New Relic
  • Datadog
  • Dynatrace
Log Providers

Following log providers are supported:

  • Google Cloud Operations (GCP)
  • Splunk
  • Datadog

Change Sources

A Change Source monitors change events related to deployments, infrastructure changes, and incidents. Following Change Sources are supported:

  • Harness CD NextGen
  • Harness CD
  • PagerDuty

Security Testing Orchestration

See Security Step Settings Reference.


The following table lists Harness support for collaboration tools.

Most providers are used in both Pipeline Notification Strategies and User Group notifications:

Provider Name Notification Approval/Change Management
Microsoft Teams Yes N/A
Email Yes N/A
Slack Yes N/A
Jira Yes Yes
ServiceNow N/A Yes
PagerDuty Yes N/A

Access Control

The following table lists Harness support for SSO protocols and tools.

See Add and Manage Access Control.

SSO Type SSO Providers Authentication Supported Authorization (Group Linking) Supported SCIM Provisioning
SAML 2.0 Okta Yes Yes Coming soon
Azure Active Directory Yes Yes Coming soon
Others Yes Yes No
OneLogin Yes Yes Coming soon
OAuth 2.0 Github Yes No N/A
GitLab Yes No N/A
Bitbucket Yes No N/A
Google Yes No N/A
Azure Yes No N/A
LinkedIn Yes No N/A
(Delegate connectivity needed)
Active Directory Coming soon Coming soon N/A
Open LDAP Coming soon Coming soon N/A
Oracle LDAP Coming soon Coming soon N/A

Secret Management

The following table lists Harness support for cloud platform secrets management services.

Provider Name Key Encryption Support Encrypted Data Storaged with Harness Support for Referencing Existing Secrets
AWS KMS Yes Yes No
AWS Secret Manager Yes No Yes
Hashicorp Vault Yes No Yes
Azure Key Vault Yes No Yes
Google KMS Yes Yes No

Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition

The following table lists the major support features for Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition offerings.

Solution Supported Platform Connected* HA Supported** Monitoring Disaster Recovery Auto Restart Features Under Controlled Release
Kubernetes Cluster Kubernetes
Yes Yes Prometheus, Grafana Supported Supported
Virtual Machine (VM) Linux VM (3 VM minimum) Yes Yes Prometheus, Grafana Supported Supported

Third-Party Tools installed with the Delegate

The following tools and version are installed with the Delegate in its client-tools folder:

These versions might be updated at any time. To see the latest, exec into the Delegate pod/host and use ls.
  • kubectl v1.13.2
  • go-template v0.4
  • harness-pywinrm v0.4-dev
  • helm v2.13.1, v3.1.2
  • chartmuseum  v0.13.0 , v0.8.2
  • terraform-config-inspect v1.0
  • oc v4.2.16
  • kustomize v3.5.4, v4.0.0
  • scm 0e23b6f1, 0e23b6f1


The following browsers are supported:

  • Chrome: latest version
  • Firefox: latest version
  • Safari: latest version

Mobile browsers are not supported.

Supported Screen Resolution

Minimum supported screen resolution is 1440x900.

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